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Mile High Club

The Mile High Club is a Bar and Strip Club located on a large deck suspended in the air by . It can be found hovering above Panau at X:29584 Y:11435. The only way of reaching the club is by air vehicle such as a helicopter or plane. The club recieved its name due to the term of "Mile High Club" usually meaning somebody who has had sexual intercourse inside of an air vehicle usually a private or passenger plane.

Club AirportEdit

The Mile High Club has a small offsite airport, consisting of two buildings and a helipad. It is unmarked on the map and located at X:27269 Y:9959. Two red Rowlinson K22's are parked there at all times.

What's insideEdit

There is a Cassius 192 parked on a small runway around the back, and shotguns held by respawning bartenders.