The Monster Truck is, as its name implies, a large monster truck. It is black with a flame paint job. It is equipped with a machine gun and grenade launcher. It has the unique ability, due to its large tires, to float on water. The Monster Truck was available only to those who pre-orderd Just Cause 2 from Gamestop.


The monster truck is an unusual vehicle with numerous abilities. Its grenade launcher is more difficult to use than a rocket launcher, because its projectiles travel in an arced trajectory. Unlike other weapons, it will not fire repeatedly if the fire button is held down but rather requires repeated pushing of the button.

Also, the vehicle's ability to float on water is unique, but limited in its usefulness. Unlike the Agency Hovercraft, it has no means of propulsion in the water and slows down considerably in it. For this reason, it is only practical to cross small rivers. If the water is entered to roughly, however, Rico will be ejected from the vehicle regardless.

Finally, being a monster truck, the vehicle has an unparalleled ability to drive over objects like cars and rocks.


  • The Monster Truck is available for purchase from the Black Market for $75,000