The Si-47 Leopard is a military jet.


The Si-47 Leopard is equipped with a machine gun and rockets. The Si-47 Leopard is a very maneuverable jet, being able to change directions on the fly, literally.

It resembles the Harrier jet plane however does not include the VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) that the Harrier has, this is due to it being unable to implement into the game which caused anger and upset among some fans of the game.


  • Can be found on the runway and in a hangar at the Banjaran Gundin Airport (X:11699 Y:5106)
  • Is parked on the runway at the Kem Jalan Marpati Airport (X: 9434 Y:28188)
  • Found parked in one of the hangers connected to the runways in Cape Carnival (X: 30172 Y:14068)
  • In a hangar at the Kem Udara Wau Pantas Airport (X:22163 Y: 23265)
  • A red one spawns upon activation of the "Island Hopping" race challenge (X:25857 Y:24090)